Interview to Darko Kuzmanovich


He was born in Belgrade in 1971. Being an artist runs in the family: his father is the academic sculptor Aleksandar Kuzmanovich. Darko attended the secondary vocational school for [...]

Interview to Darko Kuzmanovich2021-11-22T16:02:53+01:00

Interview to George King


He has worked as an architect on projects based in Australia, Europe, US, Middle East and Russia. George was founding director at design studio NEON, where he produced work for high profile clients such as [...]

Interview to George King2021-11-23T08:59:59+01:00

Open call for the seventh edition


The theme ‘Harmonies in Aluminium’. Registration until 15 June 2018. The 7th edition of the Contemporary Art Award COMEL is getting underway. The art contest has [...]

Open call for the seventh edition2021-12-13T15:20:22+01:00

Interview to Emilio Alberti


Born in 1952 in the province of Como (Italy). His research goes through painting, sculpture and installation. He made a debut in 1976 at Art Basel. He has racked up an intense exhibition activity [...]

Interview to Emilio Alberti2021-11-23T10:23:09+01:00

Interview to Rosaria Iazzetta


She lives and works in Mugnano di Napoli (in the province of Naples). Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, she has an international background, while remaining attached to her [...]

Interview to Rosaria Iazzetta2021-11-23T10:42:22+01:00

The Audience Award 2017: the winner is Emilio Alberti


The public prize was awarded to the artist Emilio Alberti for the work Tempesta (Onda). His picture literally captured the voters, including the young scholars who came at the [...]

The Audience Award 2017: the winner is Emilio Alberti2021-11-23T10:47:35+01:00

COMEL Award 2017: the winner is Rosaria Iazzetta


Proclaimed the winner of the sixth edition of the COMEL Award Vanna Migliorin Contemporary Art 2017: the artist Rosaria Iazzetta for the opera “Senza titolo, 2016” [...]

COMEL Award 2017: the winner is Rosaria Iazzetta2021-12-13T14:18:42+01:00

“Sinuosity of Aluminum”, Sixth Edition


The curtain rises on the exhibition ‘Sinuosity of aluminium’, on Saturday, October 7 at 6 pm, at the Spazio COMEL gallery in Latina, which has become a stage of art and [...]

“Sinuosity of Aluminum”, Sixth Edition2021-11-23T11:25:28+01:00

Sixth Edition: on sinuosity of aluminum


Sinuosity of aluminum’ is the title of the exhibition connected with the sixth edition of the COMEL Award, the only contemporary art award in Europe dedicated to aluminum works of non-industrial format [...]

Sixth Edition: on sinuosity of aluminum2021-11-23T11:37:37+01:00

Corporate Art Awards 2017


The CO.ME.L. company of Latina (Italy) among the participants of the International Corporate Art Awards 2017. We are delighted to communicate that, for the second time, the company CO.ME.L. [...]

Corporate Art Awards 20172021-11-23T11:48:35+01:00
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