The Aluminium eXperience: The 13 finalists

5 September 2023|

One of the most eagerly awaited moments of each edition of the COMEL prize is definitely that of the announcement of the names of the 13 finalists authors of the works selected by the jury, which will be exhibited in [...]

COMEL Award 2023: Jury announced

30 May 2023|

The call for entries for the 10th edition of the COMEL Award, entitled 'The Aluminium eXperience', will be open until June the 21st, and while entries are pouring in, the organisation continues its activities and i [...]

Interview with Sonia Scaccabarozzi

21 March 2023|

She was born in Vimercate in 1969, and she currently lives and works in Merate in the province of Lecco. She attended the Monza Art Institute, where she met AG Fronzoni, a Milanese designer and teacher of life [...]

COMEL Award 2023 – Open Call

21 March 2023|

The tenth edition of the COMEL award is kicking off: the international competition that enhances the expressive, aesthetic, communicative and constructive possibilities of using aluminium. A competition that started in 2012 [...]

Interview with Chiara A. Colombo

13 February 2023|

Chiara A. Colombo born in Monza in 1963, she graduated in painting from NABA in Milan in 1987. Her artistic research develops from the sign as an element that investigates the subtle boundary between painting and sculpture. [...]

All set for the award ceremony for the winners

2 December 2022|

The ninth edition of the COMEL Vanna Migliorin Contemporary Art award is reaching its final stage: on Saturday, December 3, the award ceremony will be held for the winner of the 2022 edition selected by [...]

13 finalists have been announced

9 October 2022|

One of the most awaited moments of the IX edition of the COMEL Award has finally arrived: the announcement of the names of the 13 finalists. [...]

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