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Interview with Stefano Baldinelli


Born in Perugia, he graduated in Visual Arts from the ABA in Urbino. He currently teaches Graphic and Painting Disciplines at the Artistic High School in Perugia. His works immerse the observer in an experiential “environment” connected to the surrounding places [...]

Interview with Stefano Baldinelli2024-02-18T23:53:35+01:00

Interview with Beatriz Zerolo Duran


Painter and graphic designer who lives and works in Madrid. Graduated in Law, she was trained in Academia Artium Peña, with the support of artists such as Jose Luis Rodriguez Posadas, Luis Ruiz [...]

Interview with Beatriz Zerolo Duran2024-02-13T13:03:54+01:00

Interview with Claudia Del Giudice


An intimate photographer with a lifelong focus on social issues and a deep listening approach to art, Claudia Del Giudice was born in Naples, where she currently lives and works. Despite earning a degree in [...]

Interview with Claudia Del Giudice2024-02-05T08:42:15+01:00

Interview with Jessica Mantovani


Born in Legnago (VR) in 1992, she obtained her high school diploma at the State Institute of Art in Castelmassa (RO) with a specialization in Decorative Painting. She is currently attending the [...]

Interview with Jessica Mantovani2024-02-01T12:56:49+01:00

Intervista with Kristine Kvitka


Born in Riga in 1983, she currently lives and works between Tricase (LE) and Latvia. She attended the Latvian Academy of Fine Arts (2003 - 2010), specializing in Painting, and in 2006 [...]

Intervista with Kristine Kvitka2024-02-01T13:00:55+01:00

Interview with Alessandra Rovelli


Born in Rivolta d’Adda (CR) where she currently lives and works, she draws inspiration from the continuous merging of the boundary between sky and earth, in ethereal atmospheres. She has studied the landscape throughout her [...]

Interview with Alessandra Rovelli2024-01-15T18:29:47+01:00

Interview with Pietro Finelli


He studied architecture at the Federico II University in Naples. An artist, curator, and theorist, he lives and works in Milan. He has exhibited his work in galleries, museums, and international institutions, including MC Gallery [...]

Interview with Pietro Finelli2024-01-24T09:24:01+01:00

Interview with Hubert Bujak


Born in 1980, He studied at the Faculty of Painting and Sculpture of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroctaw. He participates in several solo exhibitions and several dozen collective exhibitions in Poland and abroad. In his work, he [...]

Interview with Hubert Bujak2023-12-18T10:53:48+01:00

The Aluminium eXperience: The Winners


The 10th edition of the COMEL Vanna Migliorin Contemporary Art Award ended with great success: on Saturday, November 11th in a crowded COMEL Space, the winners of The Aluminium eXperience were announced.

The Aluminium eXperience: The Winners2023-12-14T16:44:41+01:00

The Aluminium eXperience: The Awards Ceremony


The Aluminium eXperience is proceeding successfully; the exhibition of the 13 finalist works of the COMEL Vanna Migliori Contemporary Art Award is closing on Saturday, November 11th, with the award ceremony for the winners of this [...]

The Aluminium eXperience: The Awards Ceremony2023-12-14T19:05:38+01:00
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