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13 finalists have been announced


One of the most awaited moments of the IX edition of the COMEL Award has finally arrived: the announcement of the names of the 13 finalists. [...]

13 finalists have been announced2022-10-13T10:34:05+02:00

Interview with Niko Kapa


He was born in Greece, he graduated in Architecture from the Royal College of Art in London, where he still lives and works. He has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions all over the world: from Europe to the Middle East, from China to India and the United States.

Interview with Niko Kapa2022-10-08T10:26:53+02:00

The call for the 9th edition is closed


The call for the 9th edition of the COMEL Award: Endless Aluminium closed at midnight on Sunday, August 28th. During this 2022 edition the artists encountered various difficulties: in finding material and the prohibitive costs [...]

The call for the 9th edition is closed2022-09-05T14:10:25+02:00

Interview to Rosella Restante


Rosella Restante, after graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, begins her artistic research first through the observation of the human figure, passing through an expressionist phase, and then arriving at the conceptual expression of herself through [...]

Interview to Rosella Restante2022-09-08T12:07:32+02:00

Ninth edition jury appointed


The ninth edition of the COMEL Award continues: while numerous registrations are arriving for the call which will be open until June 21st, the Endless Aluminium jury has been appointed. [...]

Ninth edition jury appointed2022-10-08T10:27:57+02:00

Interview to Paolo Pompei


Paolo Pompei is a sculptor, a material painter, and a photographer. He was born in Pietrarubbia (Montefeltro area). He experiments with ceramics under the guidance of Orazio Bindelli and then with metals [...]

Interview to Paolo Pompei2022-05-03T14:08:59+02:00

Interview to Fabrizio Pedrali


He took his first steps in the world of art in the mid-80s by attending a course for glass processing, he attended the “Aldo Kupfer” art school in the province of Brescia, where he perfected drawing, painting, sculpture and [...]

Interview to Fabrizio Pedrali2022-03-11T12:32:16+01:00
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