The Audience Award 2017: the winner is Emilio Alberti

The Audience Award was awarded to the artist Emilio Alberti for the work Tempesta (Onda).

His picture literally captured the voters, including the young scholars who came at the Spazio COMEL, both from the University and from the Artistic High School of Latina.

Emilio Alberti is born in 1952 in the province of Como. His research goes through painting, sculpture and installation. He made a debut in 1976 at Art Basel. He has racked up an extensive exhibition activity with solo exhibitions and significant appearances in major international events. The meeting with the art critic Pierre Restany in 1991 was crucial to him. His artistic path is characterized by the contamination between different languages and different artistic expressions. He often collaborates with poets, musicians and artists of other disciplines. His continuous research and experimentation has contributed to elaborate a personal technique made of stucco and aluminum foil since 2005.

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