“Sinuosity of Aluminum”, Sixth Edition

The curtain rises on the exhibition ‘Sinuosity of aluminium’, on Saturday, October 7 at 6 pm, at the Spazio COMEL gallery in Latina, which has become a stage of art and one of the most acclaimed contemporary art venue of the European artistic scene. The Sixth COMEL Award begins and, like the other editions, it is the result of a remarkable commitment by the organizers (Mazzola brothers entrepreneurs of CO.ME.L. company of Latina) who, since the beginning, carry out a project shared with experts, primarily the art critic Giorgio Agnisola, a tight-knit staff, and a qualified jury: this year there are representatives of important foundations and academies, such as Alfredo La Malfa, president of “La Verde La Malfa” and “La Casa della divina bellezza”; Marco Nocca, professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome; Loredana Rea, director of the “Umberto Mastroianni” Foundation.

The thirteen artists on display, selected through a EU ban, boast remarkable backgrounds and participation in international exhibitions and awards. To highlight a common meaning emerging from the analysis of their works, it can be said that the sudden changes in our time and the fragility of the human being in the face of natural upheavals are strongly represented and shake our conscience by treading a path that is at the same time as unsettling as empathic. There is a will to actualize the artistic message, to reveal the actual emergencies and invite to reflection and union.

The wave (Onda) of Emilio Alberto (Como) gets alive and shake our certainties by shuffling them; the researcher of matter, Daniela Bellofiore (Rome), tries to re-confine the borders with the work In to th’Europa (a word pun created by the artist); Lele De Bonis (Turin) sounds out and questions the idea of balance with Sigmund, inspired to Freud; Sheila De Paoli (Milan) emphasizes the sinuous positivity of the material that becomes a symbol of Abbraccio / Hug; Cosimo Figliuolo (Bernalda) analyzes the possible layers of humanity into Terremoto (with reference to all earthquakes); Lorenzo Galligani (Florence) combines the elements with a poetic tension that is embodied in the work Acqua (water); Rosaria Iazzetta (Naples) offers one of her metallic creatures that seems possessing a soul (Untitled); George King (United Kingdom) makes life fly in the whirlwind of small plane creatures, in Holding Pattern; Kuzamanovich Darko (Serbia) restores the balance between day and night, in One Day and One Night; Ewa Matyja (Poland) challenges harmony and chromaticity with unexpected lines, in Aluminum; Elisabetta Onorati (Cagliari) represents a heartfelt If I were you…, with a work involving travels and landings of hope; Franco Politano (Catania) gives voice to a small tin army (Esercito di latta) that can be salvation or oppression; and Silvia Sbardella (Ferentino) reminds us that we can be a line of light (Essere linea di luce).

The sinuosity, theme of this edition, will be musically interpreted by the artists Lucia Dorelli (violin) and Fabrizio Dell’Anna (cello). A frame that emphasizes what is stated in the announcement of the Prize: ‘When the stretch follows a charming style, it becomes like music.’

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