The 13 finalist of the COMEL Award 2017

After a careful analysis, the Jury is pleased to announce the 13 finalists of the Sixth Edition of the COMEL Award Contemporary Art:

Emilio Alberti [Italy, Como] – Painting
Daniela Bellofiore [Italy, Rome] – Painting
Lele De Bonis [Italy, Turin] – Sculpture
Sheila De Paoli [Italy, Milan] – Sculpture
Cosimo Figliuolo [Italy, Bernalda] – Sculpture
Lorenzo Galligani [Italy, Florence] – Sculpture
Rosaria Iazzetta [Italy, Naples] – Sculpture
George King [United Kingdom, London] – Sculpture
Darko Kuzmanovich [Serbia, Belgrade] – Sculpture
Ewa Matyja [Poland, Poznań] – Painting
Elisabetta Onorati [Italy, Cagliari] – Sculpture
Franco Politano [Italy, Catania] – Sculpture
Silvia Sbardella [Italy, Ferentino] – Sculpture

The hundreds of entries we’ve received also this year from all over Italy and Europe, are our certificate of recognition of our commitment to the art.
In these years for many artists the prize has been an opportunity to experience aluminum for the first time or to refine techniques already in use, urging somehow change and experimentation.

The finalist works will participate in the exhibition ‘Sinuosity of aluminum’ from 7 to 28 October 2017 at Spazio COMEL, in Latina, Italy. The jury will then select the absolute winner among them.

The jury is composed of Giorgio Agnisola, art critic and writer (Professor at the Teologico Salernitano Institute – Pontifical Theological Faculty of Southern Italy), Alfredo La Malfa, curator and President of ‘La Verde La Malfa’ Foundation, in San Giovanni La Punta (Catania, Italy), and President of the ‘Casa della divina bellezza’ Foundation, Forza d’Agrò (Messina, Italy); Marco Nocca, art historian, Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome; Loredana Rea, Director of the ‘Umberto Mastroianni’ Foundation of Arpino and Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Frosinone, Italy; Maria Gabriella Mazzola, aluminum industry entrepreneur (CO.ME.L., Latina, Italy).

The COMEL Award staff warmly thanks all the participants. The most heartfelt congratulations to the selected artists.

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