Interview to Valeria Gramiccia


Valeria Gramiccia works in a spacious and light-filled studio, in an attic in the Parioli neighborhood, in Rome. From her terrace, away from the traffic noise, you can see both the beauty of [...]

Interview to Valeria Gramiccia2021-12-20T12:58:40+01:00

Interview to Luce Delhove


Luce Delhove (Uccle, 1952) is an artist of Belgian origin. Designer, printmaker, painter, sculptor and photographer, she lives and works in Milan, where she holds the Chair of Graphics at the Academy [...]

Interview to Luce Delhove2021-12-13T11:00:49+01:00

To Valeria Gramiccia, lifetime achievement award


The jury considered it appropriate to assign a special lifetime achievement award. The idea of the award stems from the observation of the undoubted quality of the finalists, as well as from the [...]

To Valeria Gramiccia, lifetime achievement award2021-11-23T15:38:08+01:00

COMEL Award 2016: the winner is Luce Genevieve Delhove


Proclaimed the winner of the fifth edition of the COMEL Award Vanna Migliorin Contemporary Art 2016: the artist Luce Genevieve Delhove for the opera “Raminia N. 12” [...]

COMEL Award 2016: the winner is Luce Genevieve Delhove2021-11-24T08:54:09+01:00

Exhibition opening “Lucent Aluminum”


‘Lucent Aluminum’ exhibition: a successful open, the Blue Clarinets Ensemble cheered the evening. The opening of the exhibition Lucent Aluminum, linked to the international COMEL Award ‘Vanna Migliorin’ – Contemporary Art [...]

Exhibition opening “Lucent Aluminum”2021-11-24T09:07:38+01:00

The exhibition opens on 8th October “Lucent Aluminum”


International event for the city of Latina, with COMEL Award 2016. Light and shadow, brightness and darkness, the opposites play skillfully on aluminum plates, or through the aluminum express [...]

The exhibition opens on 8th October “Lucent Aluminum”2021-11-24T09:19:38+01:00

The 13 finalist Artists of the COMEL Award 2016


After careful analysis, a pre-selection of 130 works, and a small extension, needed to evaluate the large amount of works arrived from the European Union, the jury of the Fifth Edition of the COMEL Award [...]

The 13 finalist Artists of the COMEL Award 20162021-12-13T10:33:06+01:00

Submissions now closed


Dear participants, we’re always happy to follow any stage of the prize, from the registration to the award ceremony. The Call ended yesterday with a great success. We’ve received 466 submissions from the EU.[...]

Submissions now closed2021-11-24T10:02:41+01:00

Deadline extension for submissions


The deadline for the COMEL Award 2016 has been extended until 10 July 2016. his edition follows the original project of the prize: promoting Contemporary Art and multiculturalism among the countries of the European [...]

Deadline extension for submissions2021-11-23T13:46:14+01:00
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