Deadline extension for submissions

The deadline for the COMEL Award 2016 has been extended until 10 July 2016.

This edition follows the original project of the prize: promoting Contemporary Art and multiculturalism among the countries of the European Union, strengthening the link between Contemporary Art and business, enhancing the value of aluminum, establishing a vital and significant relationship between the public and the artists.

The light is the theme. This year the COMEL Award wants to allow artists to bring out the aluminum light, its ability to reverberate on the surface, reflect, mirror, illuminate, invoke clarity, emanate and then link spaces and dimensions; without considering its opposite (darkness) as a negative characteristic, and indeed making it an essential component of its expressive power.

Thirteen artists will be selected by the Jury among all the participants from the European Union. A collective exhibition will be held with the title ‘Lucent Aluminum’. Then an only winner will be selected. The winner will be awarded 3500 euros and a solo exhibition at the Spazio COMEL Contemporary Art gallery, in Latina (Italy).

Info and registration:

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