Photograms, in the flow of memories


With June, the first part of Spazio COMEL's 2024 programming comes to a close, and it does so with a significant event: "Photograms - In the Flow of Memory", a solo exhibition by Hubert Bujak curated by Giorgio Agnisola, organized under the patronage of the Polish Ministry of Culture [...]

Photograms, in the flow of memories2024-06-18T14:26:26+02:00

The changing meaning of our journey


Spazio COMEL is preparing to host the solo exhibition of Alessandra Rovelli, the winner of the Audience Award of the 10th edition of the COMEL Prize. In fact, Il senso mutevole del nostro andare (The changing sense of our going) is the title [...]

The changing meaning of our journey2024-05-29T14:21:19+02:00

Inspirations and Visions


Refined literary, cinematographic and artistic quotations are just some of the characteristic elements of the works of Chiara A. Colombo, some of which will be exhibited at the Contemporary Art COMEL Space in Latina in [...]

Inspirations and Visions2024-04-05T16:25:17+02:00

Contaminations and quotes: Between Classic and Modern


A playful coming and going between present and past on display at the COMEL space of contemporary art in Latina from June 18th to July 3rd with "Contaminazioni e Citazioni - Between Classic and Modern", the personal [...]

Contaminations and quotes: Between Classic and Modern2023-12-16T16:09:09+01:00

COMEL Award at GIFA 2019


COMEL Award invited in Düsseldorf as an excellence of made in Italy at GIFA 2019. Seven works in aluminium casting, among the finalist works of the last seven editions [...]

COMEL Award at GIFA 20192023-08-14T07:48:22+02:00

SonoContour by Sergey Filatov


After performing as a guest of the French-Lebanese artist Tarek Atoui at the Arsenal of the 58th Venice Biennale “May you live in interesting times” curated by Ralph Rugoff, Sergey Filatov, [...]

SonoContour by Sergey Filatov2024-04-05T17:19:29+02:00

My Abstraction by Fabrizio Sanna


The painting as an imprint of a passage, a memory of an event, a testimony of a succession of gestures. To harmonize with the color, brushes, canvas, and use these tools to externalize an inner emotional state.

My Abstraction by Fabrizio Sanna2024-04-05T15:55:39+02:00
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