Composition of the soul and the world in the research of Claudio Marinone

Spazio COMEL Arte Contemporanea

from june 10 to june 25, 2023
Curated by Dafne Crocella

Receiving the Audience Award during a competition is an unquestionable testimony to an artist’s communicative abilities. It is the appreciation of visitors to an exhibition who are impressed by that work precisely because it has succeeded in touching the sensibility of those who have observed it.

This is what happened with Birth of a Muse, the work of Roman artist Claudio Marinone, who, by his victory at the 9th edition of the COMEL Prize, returns to Latina for his solo exhibition Attimi, curated by anthropologist and critic Dafne Crocella.

On display are paintings and sculptures made of aluminium and steel bolts that immortalize, as the title states, moments, glances, emotions that lead the whole of Humanity back to part of creation: so many expressions of the same material that make us unique and yet linked to each other at the same time. An experience that becomes art and tells about the individual and Humanity with a single gesture.

“The moment of choice,” as Dafne Crocella states, “is the sculptor’s blow that transforms the material, the artist’s hand that chooses where to place an element or where to let a brushstroke flow. In Marinone’s work, the present moment is each die that will compose the work as a whole and stands as a symbol of that unique and effective moment of power in which our every choice creates the shape of the future.”

The exhibition will open at Spazio COMEL in Latina on Saturday, June 10 at 6 p.m. and daily from 5 to 8 p.m. until June 25.

Biographical notes: He began drawing at 12, learning the first rudiments of drawing techniques. His great passion for calligraphy and illuminated letters exploded in the 2000s with his participation in numerous national and international courses. He became a quoted calligrapher: for decades, he has been doing calligraphic work for private individuals, public entities, publishing houses, and some of Italy’s leading fashion houses. His passion for figurative art led him to emerge as a multifaceted artist; in fact, his works range from drawing to painting, from advertising graphics to web design, and in 2021 he began his first experiments in sculpture.

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