Aluminium beneath the surface – The call is open


The call for entries for the 11th edition of the COME Award is open: the international competition promoting the aesthetic use of aluminium. Each year, artists living and working in one of the European continent’s countries are invited to [...]

Aluminium beneath the surface – The call is open2024-05-30T15:29:20+02:00

Interview with Anastasia Moro


Anastasia Moro lives and works as a teacher in Borgo Veneto (PD). She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and completed a Master’s program in Partnership and Shamanism at the University of Udine. She delves into ancient artistic techniques and has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Italy [...]

Interview with Anastasia Moro2024-03-28T18:19:06+01:00

The Aluminium eXperience: The Winners


The 10th edition of the COMEL Vanna Migliorin Contemporary Art Award ended with great success: on Saturday, November 11th in a crowded COMEL Space, the winners of The Aluminium eXperience were announced.

The Aluminium eXperience: The Winners2023-12-14T16:44:41+01:00

The Aluminium eXperience: The Awards Ceremony


The Aluminium eXperience is proceeding successfully; the exhibition of the 13 finalist works of the COMEL Vanna Migliori Contemporary Art Award is closing on Saturday, November 11th, with the award ceremony for the winners of this [...]

The Aluminium eXperience: The Awards Ceremony2023-12-14T19:05:38+01:00

The Aluminium eXperience The eXhibition


After the selection of the 13 finalists, the time has come to see the works selected during the 10th edition of the COMEL Award live in the exhibition The Aluminium eXperience.

The Aluminium eXperience The eXhibition2023-12-15T16:49:16+01:00

The Aluminium eXperience: The 13 finalists


One of the most eagerly awaited moments of each edition of the COMEL prize is definitely that of the announcement of the names of the 13 finalists authors of the works selected by the jury, which will be exhibited in [...]

The Aluminium eXperience: The 13 finalists2023-09-05T23:30:05+02:00

COMEL Award 2023: Jury announced


The call for entries for the 10th edition of the COMEL Award, entitled 'The Aluminium eXperience', will be open until June the 21st, and while entries are pouring in, the organisation continues its activities and i [...]

COMEL Award 2023: Jury announced2023-08-03T18:06:14+02:00

COMEL Award 2023 – Open Call


The tenth edition of the COMEL award is kicking off: the international competition that enhances the expressive, aesthetic, communicative and constructive possibilities of using aluminium. A competition that started in 2012 [...]

COMEL Award 2023 – Open Call2023-08-03T18:05:37+02:00
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