The Aluminium eXperience:
I vincitori

The 10th edition of the COMEL Vanna Migliorin Contemporary Art Award ended with great success: on Saturday, November 11th in a crowded COMEL Space, the winners of The Aluminium eXperience were announced.

A theme that aims to highlight the path taken by the international competition that promotes the artistic use of aluminium in these ten editions and, simultaneously, the creative journey of the participants expressed through their work on this amazing metal.

Giorgio Agnisola, president of the jury, flanked by Claudia Palma (Director of the Bioiconographic Archive and Historical Funds of the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome) and Marilena Vita (artist, performer, event curator and art critic, Secretary General Nuova Aica Italia, member of the Boards of AICA International) jurors 2023, announced that the work “In the Flow” by Poland’s Hubert Bujak wins the 10th edition of the COMEL Award. The COMEL Audience Award goes to the work “The Changing Sense of Our Going” by Alessandra Rovelli.

Given the high level reached again this year, there were several special mentions from the jury: to Claudia Del Giudice for the work “Sustainable Lightness of Being,” to Jessica Mantovani for “Literacy,” to Monica Gorini for “Rayons de Lumière,” and to Kristine Kvitkafor “Lake in the Woods. Memories of Childhood.” This year, a Lifetime Achievement Award was also given to Pietro Finelli, author of “Film,” an award starting from the finalist work to emphasize the merit of an entire artistic journey.

The ceremony, attended by many artists who flocked from Poland, Spain, and Italy, was an exciting moment shared with art enthusiasts, experts in the field, and citizens curious to know who would win. It was a critical moment for the people involved because the COMEL Award confirms, as it does every year, its importance and seriousness in the international art scene. It was also important for the city of Latina and its citizens, who are increasingly present at the event.

Looking forward to the 2024 edition, the organizers salute and thank those who have participated and followed the competition during this long year together.

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