Interview to Julia Brooker


During the year 1999, Julia Brooker was seduced by the way aluminum reflects light off its surface, and through veils of transparent color she uses the fullness of paint to contrast the cool surface of the metal. [...]

Interview to Julia Brooker2021-11-23T12:29:38+01:00

Interview to Anna Carusi


Anna Carusi vive e lavora a Roma. Ha studiato acquerello con Bob Dickerson, (Brighton College of Art UK), e pittura ad olio e disegno della figura umana con Joan McLaren (Washington University of Art, U.S.A.), insegnante d’arte e pittrice professionista proveniente dall’action-painting

Interview to Anna Carusi2022-01-31T15:14:40+01:00

Interview to Tony Charles


Tony Charles lives and works in Middlesbrough (UK). He founded the art gallery ‘Platform A’, along with other artists. Former metalworker and expert in metal working, he has given up the factory work. [...]

Interview to Tony Charles2021-12-12T13:24:38+01:00

Dressed to Kill by Tony Charles


The British artist Tony Charles is back in Italy to exhibit at the contemporary art gallery Spazio Comel of Latina. Right here, a year ago, he was the winner of the International Comel “Vanna Migliorin” [...]

Dressed to Kill by Tony Charles2021-11-25T09:48:24+01:00

The story of Alu


In the beginning was the breath, and the vital beat began to flow inside me, pulsing from the center to the extremities. The bright red gave color to my cheeks and lips, ready to emit sounds first decomposed then whispered melodies. [...]

The story of Alu2021-11-25T09:52:28+01:00

Latina becomes international with the COMEL Award 2013


Great success at the Spazio COMEL for the inauguration of the contemporary art exhibition "The expressiveness of aluminum", combined with the COMEL Vanna Migliorin Award 2013. A large and [...]

Latina becomes international with the COMEL Award 20132021-11-25T10:12:55+01:00

Vernissage of “The Expressivity of Aluminium”


The selected works of thirteen artists from different countries of the European Community will be presented by the organizing committee of the Award at 18.30. The Spazio COMEL once again proves to be [...]

Vernissage of “The Expressivity of Aluminium”2021-11-25T10:29:14+01:00

COMEL Award finalists 2013


Among a large number of participants from every country of the European Community, the jury has chosen the thirteen artists for the COMEL Prize 2013 and their works will be exhibited at the gallery [...]

COMEL Award finalists 20132021-11-25T10:34:09+01:00

COMEL Award 2013 Submissions now closed


Now in its second edition, the COMEL Award is arousing international and even intercontinental interest, even if the call is for now limited to artists of the European Community. [...]

COMEL Award 2013 Submissions now closed2021-11-25T10:40:31+01:00

COMEL Award 2013 open call


Born from the synergy between art and business, the COMEL Prize grows and Latina opens up to Europe. [...]

COMEL Award 2013 open call2021-11-25T10:49:34+01:00
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