Interview to Julia Brooker


During the year 1999, Julia Brooker was seduced by the way aluminum reflects light off its surface, and through veils of transparent color she uses the fullness of paint to contrast the cool surface of the metal.

Interview to Julia Brooker2023-08-03T18:01:31+02:00

No Fear – The wave by Roxy Deva


Roxy Deva's artistic research on new media and their interactions with contemporary art began in 1998 with her specialization in graphic techniques at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. From that moment on, she embarked [...]

No Fear – The wave by Roxy Deva2024-04-05T16:04:24+02:00

Interview to Tony Charles


Tony Charles lives and works in Middlesbrough (UK). He founded the art gallery ‘Platform A’, along with other artists. Former metalworker and expert in metal working, he has given up the factory work. [...]

Interview to Tony Charles2024-04-05T15:52:13+02:00

My Abstraction by Fabrizio Sanna


The painting as an imprint of a passage, a memory of an event, a testimony of a succession of gestures. To harmonize with the color, brushes, canvas, and use these tools to externalize an inner emotional state.

My Abstraction by Fabrizio Sanna2024-04-05T15:55:39+02:00

Dressed to Kill by Tony Charles


The British artist Tony Charles is back in Italy to exhibit at the contemporary art gallery Spazio Comel of Latina. Right here, a year ago, he was the winner of the International Comel “Vanna Migliorin” [...]

Dressed to Kill by Tony Charles2024-04-05T15:57:29+02:00

The story of Alu


A short story inspired by the exhibition "The expressiveness of aluminum" combined with the Comel Arte Contemporanea Vanna Migliorin Award 2013. By Rosa Manauzzi

The story of Alu2023-08-03T17:59:58+02:00

COMEL Award 2013 Finissage


Even the popular jury has chosen the winners of the COMEL Award 2013. Art, theater, music, literature, and conviviality characterized the finissage of the exhibition "The Expressiveness of Aluminum," linked to the 2013 [...]

COMEL Award 2013 Finissage2024-04-05T13:50:06+02:00

COMEL Award 2013: Tony Charles wins


The winner of the 2nd edition of the COMEL Vanna Migliorin Contemporary Art Prize 2013 has been announced: the artist Tony Charles for the artwork "Fletted Sign."

COMEL Award 2013: Tony Charles wins2024-04-05T13:52:28+02:00

Announcement of the winner of the COMEL Award 2013


The jury composed of art critics Giorgio Agnisola, Gregorio Botta, and Agnes Martin, has selected the winner of this edition. The thirteen competing artworks are displayed at the Spazio COMEL in the exhibition [...]

Announcement of the winner of the COMEL Award 20132023-08-03T17:59:43+02:00

Vernissage of “The Expressivity of Aluminium”


The highly anticipated international exhibition will be inaugurated on 9 March at the COMEL Space in Latina. The selected works of thirteen artists from different countries of the European Community will be presented by [...]

Vernissage of “The Expressivity of Aluminium”2024-04-05T13:53:55+02:00
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