My Abstraction by Fabrizio Sanna

Spazio COMEL Arte Contemporanea
From november 16th to december 1st 2013
curated by Marianna Cozzuto

The painting as an imprint of a passage, a memory of an event, a testimony of a succession of gestures. To harmonize with the color, brushes, canvas, and use these tools to externalize an inner emotional state. Goa’s paintings are the result of a creative state that manifests and consumes itself like a ritual, leaving its mark on the support just as an image of a memory is fixed on a photographic film. What we see is only the index of what has been. No compositional intention, no desire to “represent” thoughts or memories, just pure action.

Atomi atomici

The overlapping of color drips and flows weaves the patterns of an indecipherable memory, impossible to encode in an established and repetitive language. Each artwork is an autonomous discourse, each one is the result of the artist’s personal experience.
Alongside the complete emancipation from representation, the introduction of symbols, universally recognized images, can only occur through an invasion of the pictorial surface by reality.
If the reference to the real object exists, then it is pointless to imitate it; it is better to directly take it from reality and give it a dual role of object/subject by applying it to the canvas.

E così fu

The artist from Cagliari presents to the audience at Spazio Comel in Latina with a dual aspect of their artistic production: timeless paintings created with the style of action painting and pictorial compositions that accumulate contemporary objects on the surface of the artwork.

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