Aluminum bonds finalists: Paolo Pompei

He is a sculptor, a material painter, and a photographer. He was born in Pietrarubbia (Monteltro area), and this fact strongly influenced not only his career, but also his own way of living sculpture. His curiosity about materials led him first to experiment with ceramics under the guidance of Orazio Bindelli and then with metals following a course at the T.A.M. (Artistic Treatment of Metals) in Pietrarubbia, directed by Arnaldo Pomodoro.

After his first steps in figurative art, from the early 1980s, his works became abstract, informal, minimal geometric, using primitive materials. He is always experimenting with new materials (metals, stone, ceramics, plastics), he is constantly looking for balance and harmony of forms. His works become timeless objects, real totemic presences that come in touch with the observer, inviting him to reflect and ask himself questions.
Over the years he has participated in various artistic competitions, exhibits in approximately one hundred and exhibitions both solo or collective ones, he held courses on metal casting techniques, and participated in international sculpture symposiums: in the north of Russia, in Ukraine, India, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Finland and in different parts of Italy. Since 2012 he has been teaching as a sculpture teacher at the T.A.M. and teaches sensory sculpture courses. Many of his works are part of public collections.

His work “Globalizzazione” (aluminum casting) was selected by the jury of experts among the 13 finalist works of eighth edition of the COMEL “Aluminum Bonds” Award.

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