The call for the 9th edition is closed

The call for the 9th edition of the COMEL Award: Endless Aluminium closed at midnight on Sunday, August 28th.

During this 2022 edition the artists encountered various difficulties: in finding material and the prohibitive costs to use multiple techniques by turning to laboratories, foundries, and other designated places, so much so as to ask for an extension of the call. Despite these difficulties, hundreds of registrations arrived massively from Italy and other countries such as Spain, Switzerland, Romania, Germany, Poland, Moldova, Holland, and, despite the war situation, also from Ukraine.

An important sign for the Organizers who see this great interest, as well as the desire to participate in the competition, also as a desire to test themselves facing the challenge of this theme that has left a lot of space for interpretation and above all to deal with aluminium processing.

Many techniques were used, and many shared emotions and many reflections arose during the works, but only 13 can be exhibited in the COMEL Space in Latina from November 12th to December 3rd Now begins the hard work of the jury who will have to select the finalists among the many members.

While waiting to know the titles of the finalist works, we wish good luck to this year’s jurors: to president Giorgio Agnisola, art critic and writer, professor emeritus of sacred art and cultural heritage, to Giulia Palma, Director of the Bioiconographic Archive and the Historical Funds of the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome; to Marilena Vita, artist, performer, curator of events and art critic, General Secretary Nuova Aica Italia; to Michelangelo Giovinale, professor of art history, freelance curator, art critic; to Maria Gabriella Mazzola representing COMEL, the promoter and sole supporter of the Award.

The names of the 13 finalists of the 9th edition of the COMEL Endless Aluminium Award will be officially announced by early October.

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