COMEL Award: Open call for the sixth edition

For the first time the ban opens to all European countries

All set for a new European challenge of art. The Mazzola brothers, who run the CO.ME.L. company of Latina (Italy), have announced the call of the sixth edition of the International ‘COMEL Award Vanna Migliorin – Contemporary Art’.

The ‘Sinuosity of Aluminum’ is the theme of this edition. Sinuosity is a feature that represents the properties of ductility and malleability of the metal, which is the material of choice for the works that will be submitted. Sinuosity also means elegance, which is intrinsic to the artistic elaboration and is a sign of the plasticity that can be granted by the aluminum, so as to finally conceive a work that arouses the emotion of music.

We read in the competition notice: ‘[…] the poet Àngel Gonzàles, in the poem ‘I’m Bartók of everything’, speaks of ‘sinuous violas.’ When the stretch follows a charming style, it becomes like music. And we like to imagine that behind the artist’s work there is an all-encompassing music like Béla Bartók’s or a similar emotional effect…
Flexuosity, turning, twirl, hairpin turn, snaking, meander, bight: these are the possibilities that metal is able to grant, in order to be sinuous and lead us in the ways of Art.’
That’s an ambitious goal, perhaps, but art may well meet the challenges.

One of the challenges could be the one to break down the boundaries and reach all the countries that make up Europe. A conscious decision that sees the desire to share the art with all the peoples of the continent. In previous editions, the range was limited to the European Union only.
The organizers pointed out that, so far, there have been five years in crescendo, in some cases with unexpected successes and awards. The last one, in order of time, was the selection of the project COMEL Award, and of its promoting and organizing company, among the world’s major brands, for the International Corporate Art Awards. A presence that was by no means obvious, justified by the efforts made to invest over the years in art and business, in the promotion of international artists, in the union between entrepreneurial activity and attention to local needs as well as the efforts made to promote art through the exhibitions at Spazio COMEL, the home gallery of the Prize, and in the organization of many exhibitions and cultural events.

Participation in the competition is completely free of charge. The winner chosen by the Jury will receive 3500 euros and will be granted a solo exhibition and the publication of a catalog. You can register for the prize from March 15 to June 15, 2017.

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