The COMEL Vanna Migliorin Contemporary Art Award (hereafter “COMEL Award”) was established in 2012 in memory of Mrs. Vanna Migliorin, for her passion for art and enthusiasm for supporting innovative projects. In 1968 with her husband Mazzola Alfonso, she founded in Latina the CO.ME.L. Commercio Metalli Latina (today COMEL Industries), a leading company in the trade and processing of semi-finished aluminium products that promotes and supports the COMEL award in a brilliant example of synergy between art and business. (1)
It is a well-established art reality in the contemporary art sector and it can be counted among the most innovative European art competitions. It selects 13 artists whose works, sticking to the assigned theme, best enlighten the expressive, aesthetic, communicative and creative qualities of aluminium.
A well-established reality in the modern art scene, among the most innovative European competitions. A project, now at its 10th edition, that promotes, in addition, intercultural relations between the countries of the European continent, creates moments of sharing and meeting between artists, scholars, and the public.
Participation in the call for entries is free and open to artists aged 18 and older who use aluminium as the main element in the creation of the work they intend to enter in the competition.
At each edition, a high-level jury selects, from all entries received, the 13 finalist works that will be exhibited in Latina, in the Spazio COMEL Arte Contemporanea gallery ( ), the exclusive venue of the event. The winner will be awarded the Jury Award, while the public visiting the exhibition will be asked to vote for their favourite works by decreeing the winner of the Audience Award.With a view to a planned and effective promotion of the participants and the Award itself, a catalogue will be prepared by the organization on the occasion of the exhibition and targeted dissemination in specialized media. In addition, the finalist artists will be given an interview about their artistic experience. An important testimony that will become part of the portfolio of the Award website. The COMEL award will be fully responsible for the care of the catalogue and communication.

1 The COMEL Award has joined the “AMACI project – Business with Contemporary Art”. It is a network of companies with a common interest in supporting the value of Contemporary Art in Italy, so as to transmit knowledge, experiences and ideas, according to the principle of sharing among the partners of AMACI.


Aluminium can be forged, modeled, laminated, like hot wax in the artist’s hands. It lends itself to take on the desired forms and volumes. It is lightweight (a third of steel), shiny, soft, durable, with good electrical and thermal conductivity, 100% recyclable with an energy cost equal to one twentieth of that necessary for its first melting. Visually intriguing, with its unique characteristics, aluminium is the true contemporary material.


Because in the Table of Elements, aluminium is the chemical element with the atomic number 13.

The 2023 COMEL Award aims at:
1. promoting Contemporary Art and the intercultural relationships among the European countries;
2. strenghtening the link between Contemporary Art and business;
3. enhancing the value of aluminium, its expressive, aesthetic, communicative and constructive possibilities;
4. establishing a vital and significant relationship between the public and the artists.


Creativity simply means connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they almost feel guilty because they didn’t actually do it, they just saw something and, after a while, everything became obvious to them. This is because they could connect their experiences and synthesize them into new things.

Steve Jobs

The COMEL award reaches its tenth edition, a milestone that underscores how far it has come: hundreds of artists met, different techniques and languages were observed, ever-new ways of dealing with aluminium were shown, so many different sensitivities and paths, so many emotions.

It is said that an individual’s personality is formed through the totality of experiences, encounters, emotions felt, readings, passions, and things learned and loved. Each brick contributes to creating the dwelling of our Being.

The Aluminium eXperience, this year’s theme, wants to emphasize, on the one hand, the path that has made the Award what it is today: that is, a solid international competition that honestly and seriously rewards the artistic, original, and high-quality use of aluminium, a competition that now has its own personality established by the experience it has gained. On the other, it wants to be an invitation to artists to experiment with the use of aluminium, to put themselves to the test, and thus to experience this metal.

An invitation both to artists who have never used this metal, thus the urge to challenge themselves to try something new; and an invitation to those who have already used aluminium and have accumulated over time, as much or as little as they have, experience with the various techniques for working with it.

The artist is therefore invited to create an aluminium work with freedom regarding the theme, but which is representative of his or her style: which interprets in the artwork applied to the particular metal his or her research and way of feeling about art and life.


Participation in the competition is free. There are no age limits and it is open to all artists, 18 years of age and older as far as they use aluminium as the main and significant material for the realization of the work to be submitted and live and work in one of the countries of the European continent (without necessarily having the citizenship of the country of residence).

Each artist may submit only one work (Sign up by following the instructions in Paragraph 5 – REGISTRATION)

The deadline for submission to the COMEL AWARD is June 21th, 2023.

All employees of the promoter company and those who are linked by kinship are excluded from participating to the Contest. All third parties and their employees that collaborate in any way for the realization of the Competition are also excluded. The winners of the previous editions of the Prize are also excluded from participating in the Contest.

Released or unreleased artworks using the following techniques may be submitted: painting, sculpture, design, photography and installation that uses aluminium as the main and most significant element.
Quality, research, originality and contemporaneity of the work will be the main criteria of selection. Maximum allowed size of the works is 150 x 150 x 150 cm.
The work must be completely done at the time of registration, projects, sketches or 3D simulations of the works will not be accepted.
The works nominated for the Prize must be the physical and intellectual property of the artist who presents them. The selected works, accompanied by all the necessary materials and detailed instructions, must arrive ready to be installed. The works, under penalty of exclusion, must not be winners of other competitions similar to this one.

Interested artists can register using one of the following methods:
completely fill in the online participation form available on the website Registration section
download, complete the participation form (Annex A1) available on the website and send an email with the requested material to the following address:;

In all cases, under penalty of exclusion, the following information must be provided:
a) name and surname;
b) nation and date of birth;
c) place of residence (nation, city, province);
d) postal address;
e) email address and website or internet visibility;
f) phone number;
g) a series of 3 to 5 images of the work, full-length picture, taken from different perspectives (5 MB maximum size) and showing clearly the work with aluminium, with the indications of technical characteristics, the materials used, size, title and year of creation;
h) a brief description of the artwork to be submitted;
i) a brief curriculum vitae, biography and ‘artist statement’;
j) processing of personal data authorization;
k) full acceptance of rules and regulations of the Award referred to in this announcement.


A professional Committee in the field of art, will select thirteen works, among all the submitted artworks. The thirteen works will be exhibited, at a date to be defined, at the gallery Spazio COMEL Arte Contemporanea, via Neghelli 68, Latina, Italy, in a special dedicated exhibition for the selected artists and the Jury will choose among them the winner for the COMEL Award of Contemporary art 2023.
In addition to the above mentioned 13 artworks, the Jury will also identify two additional reserves that will be called to participate in the exhibition, only in the case of exclusion or waiver of the previous selected works. The Jury also may signal, beyond the winner, some special mentions and/or prizes
The selection procedure will be performed on photographic images, so it is recommended for the submission, to send the material as exhaustive as possible. The judgement expressed by the Jury is final and irrevocable.

The judgement expressed by the Jury is final and irrevocable.The names of the members of the jury of the COMEL award 2023, chaired by Giorgio Agnisola, art critic and writer, professor of sacred art at the Pontifical Theological Faculty of Southern Italy. The names of the members of the jury of the COMEL award 2023 will be communicated in the coming months.


1. June 21th, 2023 (midnight), the registration deadline of the COMEL 2023 Award;
2. Within August 30th, 2023, the finalist artists will be contacted via e-mail and announced online, who will be provided with information on sending the work and the exhibition;
3. By September 22th, 2023, the selected artists must send the registered work (see Art. 9 – TRANSPORT, INSURANCE, PREPARATION OF WORKS). Failure to respect the delivery date of the work will result in exclusion from the competition. The works must be delivered in suitable reusable packaging for returning the works at the end of the competition.
4. Exhibition opening: October 21yh, 2023
5. Proclamation and award ceremony: November 11th, 2023


A) COMEL jury Award
The unique winning artist will be awarded the COMEL Jury Award 2023. The prize consists of a cash prize of € 3500. ² The winning artist will also be awarded a solo exhibition to be held at the Spazio COMEL Arte Contemporanea, located in via Neghelli, 68 – Latina. The publication of a catalogue of the exhibition is also included. The dates and conditions of the exhibition to be agreed in advance with the organization and however no later than the calendar year in which the prize has been held. The work will become part of the permanent collection.

CO.ME.L. By accepting the Prize, the winner relinquishes ownership of his/her work and gives. CO.ME.L. all rights related to it, including the publication right of the image, while retaining the right to be recognized as the author of the artwork.

² Witholding tax on money prize

B) Audience COMEL Award 2023
The artist who will receive the greatest number of preferences from the exhibition visitors, will be awarded a solo exhibition to be held at the Spazio COMEL contemporary art gallery, located in via Neghelli, 68 – Latina. The dates and conditions will be agreed in advance with the organization and it will be displayed no later than the calendar year in which the prize has been held. The ‘Audience Award 2023’ does not consist of a cash prize and the winning artwork will remain property of the artist.

The awards will take place on Saturday October 21th 2023 as part of the exhibition. The presence of the winners of the competition at the time of the award ceremony was very welcome.

The catalog will include pictures of the selected works, short biographical notes of the finalists and critical texts of the jury, in Italian and English. Copies of the catalog will be delivered free of charge to the artists and to all visitors of the exhibition.

The inauguration will take place on Saturday October 21th 2023 and the works will remain on display until Saturday November 11th, 2023, subject to a possible extension of the exhibition time.

The transportation (delivery and collection) and insurance will be at the expense of the artist. The COMEL will take charge of the insurance of the works only within the gallery space, during the exhibition.
The works must be received no later than Friday 28 October, 2023, under penalty of exclusion, at the headquarters of the CO.ME.L. in Latina (LT), CAP 04100, in Via Congiunte sinistre n ° 398 from 8: 30/13: 00 – 15: 00/18: 00 from Monday to Friday. It is essential that the works arrive accompanied by suitable reusable packaging for the return of the works at the end of the competition.

The works must be delivered in a suitable reusable packaging for the return of the artworks at the end of the competition
The artworks will be installed by the exhibition organizers according to the instructions previously arranged with the artists (see Paragraph 4 – CRITERIA FOR ARTWORKS). Each work must arrive ready for installation, under penalty of exclusion. Except for the award winning work (which becomes the property of the CO.ME.L permanent collection) all artworks should be collected directly from the CO.ME.L. company premises by Wednesday 22th December 2023, at the company address:
CO.ME.L. via Congiunte Sinistre n. 398 – 04100 Latina (LT) Italy. From Monday to Friday, from 8.30/13.00 to 15:00/18:00

The works not collected within the deadline will be considered as a legacy to the Prize.

Each candidate expressly authorizes the COMEL Prize, as well as his legal representative, to process personal data transmitted, pursuant to law 675/96 (Privacy law) and subsequent amendments of Legislative Decree 196/2003 (Privacy code), also for the insertion in databases managed by the aforementioned people.
Each participant in the competition grants the COMEL Prize, as well as its legal representative, free of charge, the reproduction rights of the works and texts released to the prize, for the purpose of drawing up the catalog, publication on the Prize website and other forms of communication, promotion and activities of the organization. The material sent for registration only, will not be returned.
The organizers of the competition will have the right to make a final decision on anything not specified in this notice.
The organization reserves itself the right to make changes to the notice if the need arises, communicating it on the portal

Participation in the COMEL Prize implies full and complete acceptance of all the articles of this call for submission.

Download call for submission and submission form

Registration form A1 to be completed and attached to e-mail.