COMEL Award 2013 Submissions now closed

The names of the thirteen finalists of the 2013 COMEL Prize will be officially announced in a press conference on Friday, February 8.

Now in its second edition, the COMEL Award is arousing international and even intercontinental interest, even if the call is for now limited to artists of the European Community.
Born in the heart of the Spazio COMEL, a contemporary art gallery built just over a year ago in Latina, in memory of the entrepreneur Vanna Migliorin, the award amplifies the objective of the exhibition space, seeking the union between art and business on the one hand and encouraging artistic creation with little known materials and unusual forms.
The Spazio COMEL has been created to host free artists from all over the world and performers who want to offer their experiments (dance, theater, literature) in tune with the exhibited works.

The COMEL Award, dedicated to artists who engage in works of and/or aluminum, boasts a high-profile jury, called to judge works that have come from every country: prof. Giorgio Agnisola, art critic and essayist, Gregorio Botta, artist and journalist (La Repubblica), Agnès Martin, founding director of St. Stephen’s Cultural Center Foundation.
Aluminium is a malleable material with great expressive potential, as well as being recyclable and eco-sustainable. It can become a precious support for the work of art or be a work of art in its own right, projected into large spaces or entangled in original models.
The names of the 13 finalists (13 as the atomic number of aluminum) will be announced at the press conference at Spazio Comel, Friday, February 8, 2013 at 15:30.
The overall winner will have the opportunity to hold a personal exhibition and will also receive a cash prize of EUR 2500.

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