Audience Award: Wins Carmelo Minardi

The Prize of the audicence goes to Carmelo Minardi for the work Musa Spaziale.

The great charm of this artwork has impressed the audience for its evocative capacity of images of other places and future times. A work initially strikes for its aesthetic beauty and then slowly reveals the incredible technical skill thanks to which it was made.

Carmelo Minardi poses near his “Musa Spaziale”

Carmelo Minardi is a skilled aluminum sculptor, able to master a technique such as oxyfuel, usually used with other metals. By this technique the metal is cut with an instrument that uses a jet of pure oxygen. Because of its characteristics and chemical conformation, in addition to cutting, the aluminum is deformed obtaining this particular ‘crumpled’ effect, that is not used in industry, but which acquires a unique charm in art and that Carmelo Minardi has been able to make vivid and vibrant .

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