Aluminum bonds finalists: Niko Kapa

Niko Kapa was born in Greece, he graduated in Architecture from the Royal College of Art in London, where he still lives and works. He has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions all over the world: from Europe to the Middle East, from China to India and the United States.

According to Niko Kapa, ​​Art is a way to represent the intangible through the tangible, in other words, a means of expressing emotions, thoughts and sensations through artworks. His artistic career led him to have an interdisciplinary approach, to combine his soul as an architect with that of an artist, engaging in a practice that attempts to model space rather than materials. The act of shaping and reshaping the various materials allows the artist to explore the inner and outer world in a circular sequence that makes art a powerful means of expression and social interaction.

His work “Bond” (interweaving of aluminium strips modeled on his own head) is one of the 13 finalist works of the eighth edition of the COMEL “Aluminum Bonds” Award.

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