Aluminum bonds finalists: Fabrizio Pedrali

He took his first steps in the world of art in the mid-80s by attending a course for glass processing, he attended the “Aldo Kupfer” art school in the province of Brescia, where he perfected drawing, painting, sculpture and mosaic.

His desire to experiment and his curiosity led Fabrizio Pedrali to measure himself with materials such as clay and plaster and then to deepen his knowledge and use of resins and compounds, marbles and stones with inserts in bronze, aluminium, iron and wood.
Since the very first moment, he abandons the figurative for the informal geometric, in his works he loves to create a game of movements in which the observer can follow his own experiential path. His works can be found in various public and private collections.

His work “Venere” (installation in satin and brushed aluminium, with bronze inserts on a wooden support) was selected by the jury of experts as one of the 13 finalist works of the eighth edition of the COMEL “Aluminium Bonds” Award.

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