Aluminum bonds finalists: Ana Celdrán Beltrán

Ana Celdrán Beltrán is a Spanish sculptor (born in 1978 in La Unión, Murcia) with a past in restoration, Ana Celdrán Beltrán currently lives and works in Venice.
Her constant desire to experiment and learn new techniques has led her to use the most diverse materials throughout her career, from metals to wood, from concrete to marble, from glass to resins, from rubber to plaster.
After obtaining the Classical High School Diploma in 1996, she graduated in 2001 from the Polytechnic University of Valencia at the Faculty of Fine Arts of San Carlos, with an academic specialization in painting, sculpture, and drawing. In 2000 she won a Socrates-Erasmus scholarship to go to Italy at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice where she studied in particular the artistic anatomy under the direction of Professor Mauro Zocchetta.

Drawing and Painting program to get the Diploma of Advanced Studies in the Faculty of Fine Arts in Valencia, and at the same time, she obtained the Tutorial Teaching Qualification. In 2003 she won the Leonardo da Vinci scholarship and returned to Venice to finish her specialization in “Anatomy of movement” with the Department of Design. In this period she also starts to get involved with the recovery and restoration of Cultural Heritage, an activity that she continued in the following years.
She comes in touch with the Venice State Institute of Art following her experiences of collaboration with art masters such as Elio Martella, Giacinto Fantin, Carlo Meneghello, Antonio Furini. At the same time, she undertakes a collaboration with Guglielmo Pinna in projects of art, music, and theater.
L’abbraccio (the Hug), a sculpture in cast aluminum in “land of France” finished with hammer beating and chiseled, created by Ana Celdrán Beltrán is one of the 13 finalist works of the eighth edition of the COMEL “Aluminum Bonds” Award.

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