The 13 finalist Artists of the COMEL Award 2015

Announced the names of the 13 artists chosen for the final stage of the COMEL Vanna Migliorin Award 2015.

Many international artists have participated in the COMEL Award 2015: “Light as aluminum.”
In their aluminum artworks (or mixed with aluminum), the LIGHT has been a source of inspiration interpreted not only as a physical property of the material, but in all its forms of being and feeling.
A heartfelt thanks to all participants that have contributed to the widespread use of aluminum in the art.

ALESSANDRO ARMENTO [Italy, Salerno] – Sculpture/Installation
MARK ASPINALL [England, UK, Newcastle Upon Tyne] – Sculpture/Installation
ALESSANDRA BALDONI [Italy, Perugia] – Installation/Photography
CLAUDIO BOZZAOTRA [Italy, Napoli] – Painting
SILVA CAVALLI FELCI [Italy, Bergamo] – Sculpture/Installation
LAURA CRISTINZIO [Italy, Napoli] – Sculpture/Installation
GIAMPIETRO DEGLI INNOCENTI [Italy, Firenze] – Sculpture/Installation
ANNA RENATA DI BUONO [Italy, Arezzo] – Painting
MASLEN&MEHRA [England, UK, East Sussex] – Photography
ANDREA MENEGHETTI [Italy, Vicenza] – Sculpture/Installation
BERIT MYREBOEE [Germany, Berlin] – Painting/Photography
[Italy, Latina] – Painting
[Italy, Torino] – Sculpture/Installation

The opening of the exhibition will be held on Saturday 21st March 2015. The selected works will be displayed until Sunday 18th April 2015 at the art contemporary gallery ‘Spazio COMEL’, Latina (Italy).

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