Presentation of the COMEL Award 2012

by Rita Calicchia

Press Conference – Monday December 12th at 11.00 A.M.
A cultural project that is born from a love story with deep roots and promises to become tradition. It is the Comel “Vanna Migliorin” award for contemporary art, conceived and wanted by the Mazzola family and intended to deeply affect the social and cultural fabric of the territory: meanwhile for the values that are the foundation and then for the “pedagogical” message of attachment to the territory that aims to transmit.

The award, whose first edition was officially presented to the press on Monday, December 12, at 11.00 am, at the meeting room of Comel (Via Congiunte Sinistre, 398, Latina), has as its aim the promotion of contemporary art, the consolidation of the art/business bond, the enhancement of aluminum as a workable material, versatile, flexible, recyclable.

Far from secondary news that the expo (scheduled for the month of February) will take place at an Art Gallery that on the occasion of the award will be inaugurated in the city center and which in turn aims to represent a new cultural space available to the community.

They illustrated the initiative Maria Gabriella Mazzola (COMEL), Silvia Sfrecola (art historian), Roberta Sciarretta (art historian).

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