Endless Aluminium: the opening of the concluding exhibition

Public success at the opening of the concluding exhibition

Great success of the opening of the Endless Aluminium exhibition that concludes the 9th edition of the COMEL Award: the Spazio COMEL, the elegant gallery located in the heart of Latina, opened its doors welcoming a large audience curious to see the finalists’ works selected from the nearly 200 entered in this year’s call.

Casting, engraving, welding, punching, painting, cutting, inlaying: the material was shaped in a variety of ways, achieving different outcomes that amaze jurors and visitors every year.

Seeing how the same material and the same theme can achieve such different results is what underscores each edition of the COMEL Award; and it is what visitors to the exhibition will be able to ascertain with their own eyes every day from 5 to 8 p.m. until December 3rd, the day on which the award ceremony for the winners of the IX edition of the COMEL Award will be held. While the Award winner will be chosen by the jury that selected the 13 finalists, the Audience Award will be decreed by counting the votes received by each work

In fact, during the COMEL Prize, the public is called upon to actively participate in the competition by voting for their three favorite works: to vote, simply visit the exhibition and fill out the appropriate form marking their preferences. The author of the work that receives the most votes will be proclaimed the winner of the Audience Award. It will be possible to vote until Sunday, November the 27th.

Admission to the exhibition is free.

The 13 finalists: Marcella Belletti, Ravenna, Italy – installation; Francesca Bruni, Milan, Italy – painting; Alessandra Catta, Sassari, Italy – sculpture and installation; Chiara A. Colombo, Monza, Italy – painting; Elbi Elem, Cordoba, Spain – sculpture and installation; Taras Halaburba, Mlyniv, Ukraine – sculpture and installation; La Manifattura della Mente (Fabio Bini & Myriam Cappelletti), Florence/Terni, Italy – installation; Chiara Marchesi, Lodi, Italy – sculpture; Claudio Marinone, Rome, Italy – sculpture; Alejandra Ruddoff Berlin, Germany -sculpture; Sonia Scaccabarozzi, Vimercate (MB), Italy – sculpture; Rachele Tinkham, Venice, Italy – sculpture; Sara Vaglini, Montopoli Val d’Arno (PI), Italy – painting.

Jurors: jury president Giorgio Agnisola, art critic and writer, emeritus professor of sacred art and cultural heritage at the Pontifical Theological Faculty of Southern Italy. Claudia Palma, Director of the Bioiconographic Archive and Historical Funds of the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome; Marilena Vita, artist, performer, event curator and art critic, Secretary General Nuova Aica Italia; Michelangelo Giovinale, professor of art history, freelance curator, art critic; Maria Gabriella Mazzola representing COMEL Industries company promoter and sole sponsor of the award.

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