Interview to Ana Celdrán Beltrán


Spanish sculptor (born in 1978 in La Unión, Murcia) with a past in restoration, Ana Celdrán Beltrán currently lives and works in Venice. She graduated in 2001 from the Polytechnic University of Valencia at the [...]

Interview to Ana Celdrán Beltrán2023-08-14T18:58:08+02:00

Interview to The Bounty KillArt


In 2002 Gualtiero Jacopo Marchioretto, Rocco D’Emilio, Dionigi Biolatti, and Marco Orazi, students at the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, gave birth to the collective The Bounty KillArt. By mastering various painting techniques [...]

Interview to The Bounty KillArt2023-08-14T18:09:26+02:00

Interview to Giorgio Agnisola


Interview by Ilaria Ferri President of the jury since 2013, prof. Giorgio Agnisola is a real mentor for the organization of the COMEL [...]

Interview to Giorgio Agnisola2023-08-14T10:03:59+02:00

Interview to Elena Pontiggia


Interview by Ilaria Ferri Elena Pontiggia is a member of the jury of the 8th edition of the COMEL Vanna Migliorin Contemporary art [...]

Interview to Elena Pontiggia2023-08-14T10:30:04+02:00

Interview with Lino di Vinci


He is an eclectic artist whose work spans from the techniques of traditional painting to plexiglas light art installations. In recent years, the work as Art Designer [...]

Interview with Lino di Vinci2023-08-13T11:12:12+02:00

Interview to Marco Cavalieri


He is a sculptor and painter. He lives and works in Rome. He loves to use all the techniques and materials available to create his works, with a preference for metals. [...]

Interview to Marco Cavalieri2023-08-12T18:22:17+02:00

Interview to Gisella Meo


She was born in Treviso (1936). She lives and works in Rome. In 1960 she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. Her art goes from figurative Expressionism to abstract Expressionism [...]

Interview to Gisella Meo2023-08-12T15:20:58+02:00
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