Photograms, in the flow of memories


With June, the first part of Spazio COMEL's 2024 programming comes to a close, and it does so with a significant event: "Photograms - In the Flow of Memory", a solo exhibition by Hubert Bujak curated by Giorgio Agnisola, organized under the patronage of the Polish Ministry of Culture [...]

Photograms, in the flow of memories2024-06-18T14:26:26+02:00

The changing meaning of our journey


Spazio COMEL is preparing to host the solo exhibition of Alessandra Rovelli, the winner of the Audience Award of the 10th edition of the COMEL Prize. In fact, Il senso mutevole del nostro andare (The changing sense of our going) is the title [...]

The changing meaning of our journey2024-05-29T14:21:19+02:00

Interview with Anastasia Moro


Anastasia Moro lives and works as a teacher in Borgo Veneto (PD). She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and completed a Master’s program in Partnership and Shamanism at the University of Udine. She delves into ancient artistic techniques and has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Italy [...]

Interview with Anastasia Moro2024-03-28T18:19:06+01:00

Interview with Monica Gorini


Born in Domodossola, she lives and works between Milan and Lake Orta. Graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, she has always combined her artistic activity with pedagogical and educational training, collaborating with universities, institutions, and [...]

Interview with Monica Gorini2024-03-18T23:30:21+01:00

Interview with Francesca Maroni


Born on October 19, 1994, in Cittiglio (VA), she attended the Classical High School E. Cairoli and graduated from the Academy of Teatro alla Scala in 2015 as a theatrical makeup artist. Later, she enrolled at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts [...]

Interview with Francesca Maroni2024-03-18T17:37:30+01:00

Interview with Marco Riente


Born in Praia a Mare (CS) in 1989, he graduated from the Artistic High School in Maratea (PZ) and later obtained a degree in Painting and Sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice [...]

Interview with Marco Riente2024-03-04T22:51:59+01:00

Interview with Anna Godlewska


She was born in 1970 in Sosnowiec , Poland. She graduated from Silesian University and comes from a family of artists. Always fascinated by three-dimensional forms and art, her current passion is repousse, she [...]

Interview with Anna Godlewska2024-02-28T09:07:18+01:00

Interview with Stefano Baldinelli


Born in Perugia, he graduated in Visual Arts from the ABA in Urbino. He currently teaches Graphic and Painting Disciplines at the Artistic High School in Perugia. His works immerse the observer in an experiential “environment” connected to the surrounding places [...]

Interview with Stefano Baldinelli2024-02-18T23:53:35+01:00

Interview with Beatriz Zerolo Duran


Painter and graphic designer who lives and works in Madrid. Graduated in Law, she was trained in Academia Artium Peña, with the support of artists such as Jose Luis Rodriguez Posadas, Luis Ruiz [...]

Interview with Beatriz Zerolo Duran2024-02-13T13:03:54+01:00

Interview with Claudia Del Giudice


An intimate photographer with a lifelong focus on social issues and a deep listening approach to art, Claudia Del Giudice was born in Naples, where she currently lives and works. Despite earning a degree in [...]

Interview with Claudia Del Giudice2024-02-05T08:42:15+01:00
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