Aluminum bonds finalists: Michele D’Agostino

He was born in Benevento, in 1988. After artistic high school, he got a three-year degree in sculpture at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in 2010 and a second level degree in sculpture also in Brera in 2013.
His artistic career evolves, placing attention from time to time on different series of subjects: nature, machines, installations that actively involve the viewer; searching for the ultimate essence of things, the structure deprived of what is just surface and accessory.

Those themes were at first inspired by contemporary social reality issues, in particular nature, became a core, in a reflection on Mankind, movement and travel. He took part in group and personal exhibitions around Italy and abroad, in particular in South Korea and Greece. He currently teaches “shapes, techniques and types of materials at the Brera Academy”.

His work “Tracce” (made of cast anticorodal aluminium) is one of the 13 finalist works of the eighth edition of the COMEL “Aluminum Bonds” Award.

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