On March 28th, 2015, at 10:00 a.m., at the Spazio Comel art gallery of Latina, situated in via Neghelli 68, the jury met for the final evaluations of the fourth edition of the Comel Award Vanna Migliorin – Contemporary Art. The following members were present: Giorgio Agnisola, Marcello Carlino, Anna Cochetti, Augusto Pieroni, Maria Gabriella Mazzola. The president Giorgio Agnisola chaired the meeting.
Firstly, the president invoked the instructions contained in the notice and relevant to today’s edition of the award, also in relation to the chosen theme, and says that one of the thirteen finalists, namely O.T. (Triptych / Waves), by Berit Myreboee, cannot compete because the work received for the exhibition is different from the one selected by the jury for the final phase of the award.
Then the jurors individually performed a careful survey of the finalist works, all exhibited in the gallery, each selecting five of them, on which to start a collegial discussion. During the debate, each juror motivated his/her preferences and calmly examined the proposals of the colleagues. After extensive discussion the winning work was unanimously chosen.

It is “Danza Rossa” by Silva Cavalli Felci, for which the jury gave the following reason:

“Measure, rhythm and elegance are the hallmarks of her work. The artist, who has a rich and meaningful curriculum, wanted to get back into the game and returned to experiment with her language.
The purity of the cuts on the material and the softness of the lines, obtained with a fine modeling of the aluminum colored in red, remind the slight movements of a dance and seem to draw musical symbols and the profiles of a score whose harmonics are offered to the view to vibrate in lightness. The work thus reveals a further dimension, which looks like a sound sculpture: the regularly shaped edges of the aluminum can almost be touched as strings and lend a strong feeling of a reaction with the environment, in an ecstatic and sacred atmosphere.”

2015_felci A

Therefore the jury considered worthwhile to assign further special mentions to two other works of particular note. These were:
• “L’atleta e l’uccellino” by Giampietro Degli Innocenti, for the following reasons:

“There is the presence of a little man, all mass and volume, in a heavy and shapeless aggregate which is inscribed in a circle and, unlike Leonardo’s famous figures, rests crushed on its base. Despite the fact that it is such to suggest a circular motion, even a circus performance. It seems it can begin a process of dematerialization. And the flight might be generated as a result, a flight that mimics the flight of the birds, inhabitants of air, pursuing freedom. The game, serious and ironic at the same time, is between weight and lightness, between the reality that oppresses and its overcoming, its sublimation: an Italo Calvino style game that avails itself of the impulses and suggestions of aluminum.”

2015_degli innocenti B

• “I Need Protection” by Alessandra Baldoni, with the following motivations:

“The sequence of book-chests, small book-albums that are held in safe aluminum frames, has the structure and pace of an installation and asks for a direct relationship with the viewer. It asks to be browsed, and demands for emotional involvement. The relationship between images and writing is the basis of the work and is the theme played in the sense of lightness: the lightness of tiptoe exploration of feelings, a discreet revealing of memories, reflections on the values ​​of life, narrative fragments of far experiences expressed and sublimated in the art language.”

2015_baldoni A

At the conclusion of the work, the jury strongly congratulated the organization on the seriousness of the award, created by a family project, and become a high cultural expression of the city and the territory. In addition, the jury congratulated on the good quality of the works, that even represent many foreign nations, and wished a greater future success.

Latina, 28th March 2015


Silva Cavalli Felci 01Biography

Silva Cavalli Felci was born in 1935 in Bellinzona (CH), Switzerland. After the high school in Switzerland, she spent a couple of years in London where she followed courses in Drawing and Stage Design at the St. Martin’s School of Art. She completed her studies in 1969 at the Accademia Carrara di Belle Arti in Bergamo.

She creates artist books in collaboration with poets and writers. Since 1997 she has directed expressive activity workshops, paying particular attention to research and the voice of discomfort. She lives and works in Bergamo and Manerba del Garda. In 2014 her monograph La vita è insufficiente, by Paola Tognon, was published (Lubrina Ed., Bergamo). In March of the same year the book Il mito di Inanna. Amore e potere femminile nel partriarcato by Sonia Giorgi came out (Aracne Editrice, Roma) with her her illustrations and also poems by Pasqua Teora.