“Harmonies in Aluminum”

The word harmony (from the Greek ‘harmonia’, ἁρμονία, itself derived from ‘harmozein’) means to connect, to balance. It represents union and proportion.
The root AR- (common to art and arithmetic) announces a proportionate arrangement, an agreement; it involves a successful correlation among different elements that gives pleasure to the senses. Therefore, it presupposes an alliance, a careful disposition, a perfect joint, a bond, symbolically also a friendship, in general a balanced and pleasant combination of elements and different materials, an alloy.

‘Harmonies in aluminum’ aims at highlighting the typical qualities of the metal – particularly the high conductivity of energy, sound and heat – in order to create bonds among different materials, various expressions, and harmonized parts. Metaphorically, the underlying theme is the possible connection and harmony between the parts (things, individuals, peoples, elements, creatures and creations in general). Moreover, the artist is the one who skillfully arranges the parts in a harmonious whole, leading the materials and the different creative phases to the final harmony.

For the seventh edition, artists are asked to create works that are inspired by a sense of harmony: ideas, concepts, techniques, contents, combinations, which through aluminum become a coherent, balanced and harmonious whole.