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“Sinuosity of Aluminum”

Among the properties of aluminum, plasticity is a real celebration of artistic freedom, a call to the artistic impulse and changeability that creative hands like to fully experience. In this concept the qualities of malleability and ductility of the metal, which allow rich expressive structures, are completely recognized. Particularly, we want to dwell on the sinuosity of aluminum, meaning elegance and smoothness of the process, both on the two-dimensional and on three-dimensional plan.

Sinuosity involves sensual curved games, movements that mobilize in the airspace or that expand on the plan. A path, a river, a profile, even a reasoning may be sinuous and enfold the attention in its path like music.

It is not by chance the poet Àngel Gonzàles, in the poem ‘I’m Bartók of everything’, speaks of ‘sinuous violas.’ When the stretch follows a charming style, it becomes like music. And we like to imagine that behind the artist’s work there is an all-encompassing music like Béla Bartók’s or a similar emotional effect.

Flexuosity, turning, twirl, hairpin turn, snaking, meander, bight: these are the possibilities the metal lends itself, in order to be sinuous and take us on the ways of art.