escalator of modern office building, blue toned images.

“Lucent Aluminum”

The path of inspiration is always lighted. If the light comes from a star, from an idea, from a place you yearn for, the desire to follow even the smallest bright fragment corresponds to the choice of creating.
The poet Milton said that God and light have no end (they are eternal) and no beginning (they are not created) and for this reason they are synonymous, co-eternal. This spiritual tension (not specifically religious) is the mystery of the ongoing search for the enlightened path that the human being has always sought to orient himself, to feel safe and above all to forge his own work.
It is the light that reveals and shows the truth, which animates the artist at the height of creation.
It is the light that allows the viewer to admire what has been created and, in a reciprocal return, to add life to life.
It is an artistic photosynthesis even more prodigious when the medium to be used has the feature of light as substantial. A property that lends itself to numerous unveiling variations.

The new edition of COMEL Prize 2016 wants to allow artists to bring out the aluminum light, its ability to reverberate on the surface, reflect, mirror, illuminate, invoke clarity, emanate and then link spaces and dimensions; without considering its opposite (darkness) as a negative characteristic, and indeed making it an essential component of its expressive power.