Immagine 2013

“Expressivity of aluminum”

Being an artist and being an entrepreneur are two choices that appear opposite. Yet it happens that these two worlds, which seem parallel, may converge, and instead of scrutinize each other with a more or less critical gaze they choose to share the same path towards a common cultural welfare.

For the artists, and also for the company, it means to share a challenge: both have to follow paths that are not their own. The first ones with an eye to the latter ones in mutual respect and with the courage of innovation. Innovative is a company promoting art events and that invests part of its assets for the culture. Innovative is the artist who lets himself be conquered by this proposal and launches the discovery of new materials with a creative spirit.

“The expressivity of aluminum” is the challenge of this edition, to discover the creative potential of the aluminum through research on its expressive, aesthetic and communicative qualities. It can be forged, molded, laminated to form a very thin sheet. Aluminum is visually intriguing, ductile, versatile, light and heavy at the same time and definitely a highly recyclable metal. It is the material of choice for artists wishing to participate in the COMEL Award.