“Between Heart and Reason”

“The COMEL Award is a cultural project that was born from a love story. It has got deep roots and promises to become a tradition.” Rita Calicchia

A strong emotion tied to an affection and to the will of memory. This union created a project that has become important for the whole city, even more, for all the boundless territory of Art.
The ability of the universal language of Art to unite memory, presence and feeling is the basis for a partnership between creativity and enterprise that, in the case of COMEL, decided to dedicate a Contemporary Art Award to Mrs Vanna Migliorin, founding figure of the CO.ME.L. company and a lover of beauty.

The logo of the Prize was designed to remind a female figure, not a portrait though. Instead it is a symbolic representation that brings together the female essence, the enterprising spirit, the strength and sensitivity. It’s a moon-shaped face that juts upward suggesting the possibility of an ‘elsewhere’ with which dialogue is always open.

…In everything we do
the image of your sweet smiling face comes back to our mind…
You’re here with us, you hold our hands,
You listen to our soul and speak to us softly.
M. Gabriella, Adriano and Luisa