Art critic and writer, Professor of Sacred Art at the Pontifical Theological Faculty of Southern Italy
Jury President

Giorgio Agnisola has worked for a long time as a Modern and Contemporary Art consultant in the context of international agreements for cultural exchanges. Since 1983 he has been called on official missions by the French-speaking countries of Europe for studies and research on contemporary art. He also deals with the relationship between Literature, Art, and Psychology. He has collaborated, since 1990, to the cultural pages of the newspaper “Avvenire” and, in particular, writing on the ‘Art’ page. He is a sociétaire member of the International Art Critics Association. He is part of the Société Internationale di Psychopathologie de l ‘expression. He promoted exhibitions of international importance, such as “Symbolism in Belgium” (1985), at the Royal Palace of Caserta, in collaboration with the Belgian government; “Italy-Luxembourg, Confrontations” (2002), in collaboration with the Embassy of Luxembourg in Italy; “Alberto Magnelli, works 1915-1970”, Civic Art Gallery of Gaeta. He is a consultant of the Italian Episcopal Conference for Contemporary Sacred Art. He teaches Sacred Art at the Pontifical Theological Faculty of Southern Italy, where he is co-director of the Higher Education School of Art and Theology. He has written many books and, as a curator, has participated in numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad. As a critic and journalist, he has written as an Italian correspondent for international photography and art magazines, such as “Aperture” (New York), “HotShoe” (London), “Eyemazing” (Amsterdam), “Muse” (Milan), “Around Photography” (Bologna), “FotoCult” (Rome). He obtained two international awards for his work as an art critic: Chevalier de l ‘Ordre de Leopold II in Belgium and Officier de l’ Ordre de Mérite in Luxembourg. Bruno di Marcello dedicated a book to his activity, entitled “Giorgio Agnisola, about the art of criticism“, (2000).

Art critic, teacher

Elena Pontiggia is a professor of contemporary art history at the Brera Academy and adjunct professor at the Milan Polytechnic. In 1996 you won the S. Valentino d ‘Oro prize for the History of Art and in 2009 the Carducci Prize with Modernity and Classicism. The Return to Order in Europe (Bruno Mondadori, 2008). You collaborate with the newspaper “La Stampa” and various art magazines, including “Places of the infinite“, “Art“, “Antiques“.
Her last volumes include the biographies of Sironi (Johan & Levi, 2015) and Arturo Martini (Johan & Levi, 2017); Aubrey Beardsley (2018); Tosi and the twentieth century. Letters from the artist’s archive (Livorno 2018); De Chirico. The Letters (2018).
He has curated numerous exhibitions. Among the latest: Chiarism (Milan, Palazzo Reale, 2010); Sironi (Rome, Vittoriano, 2014); Birolli [Turin, Museo Fico, 2016]; Klimt. Portrait of a Lady (Piacenza, Ricci Oddi Gallery, 2020).


art critic, independent curator, lecturer

Born in 1984, he currently teaches History of Contemporary Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Reggio Calabria. He curated the Bruno Munari exhibition, I Colori della Luce (the colors of light), together with Miroslava Hajek, with the patronage of Scabec and the Donnaregina Foundation for contemporary arts Museo MADRE, organized at the Plart Foundation in Naples. For Plart, he served as a scientific consultant for the organization of various art events until 2019, including a project for a new collection of works of art for the Banco di Napoli Foundation.
In his curatorial activity, he prefers a constructive and design approach, involving the artists to push them to deal with current issues. For example in the case of the residence project Dispositio ex Clausione Linearum, organized at the MUDIMA Diocesan Museum of Salerno. In Tirana, Albania, he curated the exhibition CorpoeCorpi (2015) and held two seminars on Futurism and the new type of intellectual with the Italian Cultural Institute (2013).
He actively collaborates with the art magazine Exibart. His contributions are also featured in other magazines such as Flash Art, Juliet Art and He has edited several art catalogs for publishing houses such as Gangemi, Carlo Cambi Editori, Iemme Edition.

Curator and artistic director of the Pinacoteca di Gaeta (LT)

He was born in Gaeta in 1954. Despite his non-classical or artistic studies, he approaches and practices art since when he was a boy, influenced by the atmosphere at home: his grandfather, his uncle Mario and his father Armando are artists themselves. After a few years of teaching, he worked for about twenty years at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and subsequently at the Municipality of Gaeta.
In 1998, with a group of friends, he founded the Novecento Cultural Association which, starting from the revival of the Porticato Gaetano, a historic exhibition of Pontine figurative art founded in 1958, promotes and manages the Contemporary Art Gallery of Gaeta and is involved in the preparation of its exhibitions (including Magnelli, Burri, Je)




Manager of the aluminum sector

She runs the CO.ME.L. company along with her brother Adriano and her sister Luisa. She combines the technical-business preparation with the organization and coordination roles, bringing to the company new guidelines, such as the attention to communication, innovation and marketing. She has always supported, personally and with the company, activities aimed at promoting the area: art exhibitions, publications, visual arts festivals, short film festivals and animal protection. In December 2012, she has been awarded for entrepreneurial merits by the ‘Associazione Culturale Nuova Immagine Latina’. She is the President of the ‘Associazione Culturale VANNA MIGLIORIN’ which promotes and spreads contemporary intellectual and artistic works, in all their forms and expressions. Among the various activities of the association, there is the promotion of the COMEL Award and the organization of monographic exhibitions dedicated to internationally renowned artists.