Interview with Lino di Vinci


He is an eclectic artist whose work spans from the techniques of traditional painting to plexiglas [...]

Interview with Lino di Vinci2021-12-27T12:14:01+01:00

SonoContour by Sergey Filatov


After performing as a guest of the French-Lebanese artist Tarek Atoui at the Arsenal of the 58th Venice Biennale “May you live in interesting times” curated by Ralph Rugoff, Sergey Filatov, [...]

SonoContour by Sergey Filatov2021-12-13T16:44:45+01:00

Interview to Marco Cavalieri


He is a sculptor and painter. He lives and works in Rome. He loves to use all the techniques and materials available to create his works, with a preference for metals. [...]

Interview to Marco Cavalieri2021-11-29T09:19:20+01:00

Interview to Gisella Meo


She was born in Treviso (1936). She lives and works in Rome. In 1960 she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. Her art goes from figurative Expressionism to abstract Expressionism [...]

Interview to Gisella Meo2021-12-13T16:22:03+01:00

Interview to Laura De Lorenzo


Architect, designer, organizer of major exhibitions, musician. Her most important exhibition "Pittura e materia" (2005), was held at the National Gallery [...]

Interview to Laura De Lorenzo2021-12-13T16:17:36+01:00

Interview to Federica Zianni


She was born in 1993 in Rome, where she graduated from the Liceo Artistico Sant’Orsola. In 2012 she moved to Milan to attend the the triennium of Sculpture at [...]

Interview to Federica Zianni2021-12-13T16:33:53+01:00

Interview to Carmelo Minardi


He is a versatile artist whose creativeness spans from fine arts to music. He made his debut in 1994, as a self-taught artist, with the solo exhibition ‘Fabbricando’, a title that expresses his vocation [...]

Interview to Carmelo Minardi2021-11-29T09:20:20+01:00

Interview to Sergey Filatov


Sergey Filatov is a versatile artist who works in the field of fine arts and sound art. He is also a musician, author of musical instruments and sound sculptures. Member of the International Association of Art [...]

Interview to Sergey Filatov2021-11-29T09:20:37+01:00

Audience Award: Wins Carmelo Minardi


The Prize of the audicence goes to Carmelo Minardi for the work Musa Spaziale. The great charm of this artwork has impressed the audience for its evocative capacity of [...]

Audience Award: Wins Carmelo Minardi2021-11-29T09:21:05+01:00

COMEL Award 2018: Sergey Filatov wins


Proclaimed the winner of the seventh edition of the COMEL Award Vanna Migliorin Contemporary Art 2018: the artist Sergey Filatov for the opera “Platasonus, 2017” [...]

COMEL Award 2018: Sergey Filatov wins2021-11-29T09:21:17+01:00
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