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The final exhibition of the VIII Edition announced


The call was opened started in full pandemic, in April 2020, and lasted for almost a year, now this eighth edition of the COMEL Award comes to its conclusion [...]

The final exhibition of the VIII Edition announced2021-11-22T09:41:03+01:00

COMEL Award Finalists: The Bounty KillArt


Back in 2002 Gualtiero Jacopo Marchioretto, Rocco D’Emilio, Dionigi Biolatti, and Marco Orazi, students at the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, decided [...]

COMEL Award Finalists: The Bounty KillArt2022-01-10T16:25:08+01:00

Aluminium Bonds finalists: Mirella Saluzzo


Mirella Saluzzo is a painter and sculptor who lives and works between Ravenna and Milan. In the early 1980s, she graduated from the [...]

Aluminium Bonds finalists: Mirella Saluzzo2022-01-10T16:24:29+01:00

Aluminum bonds finalists: Paolo Pompei


He is a sculptor, a material painter, and a photographer. He was born in Pietrarubbia (Monteltro area), and this fact strongly influenced not [...]

Aluminum bonds finalists: Paolo Pompei2022-01-10T16:23:54+01:00

Aluminum bonds finalists: Luciana Penna


Luciana Penna was born in Milan but soon moved to Turin, she completed her artistic studies on a self-taught basis. She is a [...]

Aluminum bonds finalists: Luciana Penna2022-01-10T16:21:10+01:00

Aluminum bonds finalists: Rosella Restante


Rosella Restante, after graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, begins her artistic research first through the observation of the human [...]

Aluminum bonds finalists: Rosella Restante2022-01-10T16:20:33+01:00

Aluminum bonds finalists: Niko Kapa


Niko Kapa was born in Greece, he graduated in Architecture from the Royal College of Art in London, where he still lives and [...]

Aluminum bonds finalists: Niko Kapa2022-01-10T16:19:53+01:00

Aluminum bonds finalists: Gennaro De Martino


Self-taught artist, Gennaro De Martino was born in Naples in 1984. Growing up in one of the Capodimonte ceramist families, he has experimented [...]

Aluminum bonds finalists: Gennaro De Martino2022-01-10T16:18:48+01:00
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