Self-taught artist, Gennaro De Martino was born in Naples in 1984. Growing up in one of the Capodimonte ceramist families, he has experimented with the art of ceramics since when he was young and attended local art workshops. In these first years of activity he faced the challenge of the creative process of artworks in plastic materials. Starting from the primary elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water, he explores art by laying the foundations for what will later become his expressive poetics.

Gennaro De Martino in his studio in Naples

The desire to communicate through art, to express himself without compromises, leads him first to attend the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples and then pushed him to test himself by approaching different disciplines: from writing to photography, from screen printing to live drawing and painting technique, actively collaborating with the fashion and architecture departments.
In 2012, together with some other artists, he met along his path, he founded the “Visionarea” association and organized various artistic and cultural projects such as live art performances, happenings, artistic installations, street artworks, creation of auteur short films.
His work “Vita Nova” (woven alloys with an iron core anchored on a marble base) was selected by the jury of experts (Giorgio Agnisola, art critic and writer, professor of sacred art at the Pontifical Theological Faculty of Southern Italy and president of the jury; Elena Pontiggia, art critic, professor of Contemporary Art History at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts; Marcello Francolini art critic, independent curator Professor of Contemporary Art History at the Academy of Fine Arts of Reggio Calabria; Vincenzo Lieto, curator and artistic director of the Pinacoteca di Gaeta (LT); the entrepreneur and manager Maria Gabriella Mazzola owner with her family of CO.ME .L., The only company promoter and sponsor of the COMEL award) and is one of the 13 finalist works of the eighth edition of the COMEL “Aluminum Bonds” Award.