Jury’s Minutes

The Jury decided to appoint the COMEL Award ‘Vanna Migliorin’ 2012 to the artist Massimiliano Drisaldi for the artwork ‘Inverno’ (‘Winter’)


with the following motivations:

he was able to enhance the aluminum, which is a modern and contemporary material, using it for an ancient and precious technique such as engraving;

he drew attention to the expressive qualities of aluminum, creating a bright, vibrant, intense work.

Latina, 17th March 2012


Copia di Massimiliano DrisaldiBiography

Massimiliano Drisaldi was born in Rome in 1939. He attended the free school of nude of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and engraving courses at the Art Center ‘Architrave’, where he studied all metal engraving techniques. It is one of the most important representatives of the Roman engraving school. He is a rigorous master of the different techniques of engraving and lover of the Roman-pontine landscape, that Goethe described in his diaries.
From 1974 he devoted himself to the artistic activity as an engraver and painter. He has participated in many national and international collective art exhibitions, as well as a few solo exhibitions.
In recent years his artistic activity turned mainly to engraving, generating over three hundred and fifty slabs.
In the 80s he was a teacher in a series of seminars organized by the Centro Polivalente of cultural activities at Palazzo Rivaldi in Rome, giving theoretical and practical courses with the major artists working in the field of engraving (including Attardi, Calabria, Fodaro, Maccari, Velly, Vespignani).
In 1990 he was one of the selected engravers to represent Italy at the ‘Intergrafik 90’, the ninth International Graphic Triennial held in the former German Democratic Republic. In 2012 he won the ‘COMEL Award Vanna Migliorin – Contemporary Art’ with the work ‘Winter’ (puntasecca on aluminum 500 x 700 mm).