COMEL Award Submission form


Sculpture & installation



1 Biography (file PDF)

2 Artwork: 3-5 images

The images, taken from different perspectives and showing clearly the features of the work, have to be in jpeg/jpg RGB format with 300dpi max and a maximum weight of 5MB in total. The image files have to be named only with the name and surname of the artist followed by an underscore and a sequential number (e.g. namesurname_01.jpg).
– he/she hereby declares that he/she ha fully read the rules and regulations of the Vanna Migliorin COMEL Award for Contemporary Art 2017 referred to in the Contest Announcement and that he/she fully accepts the terms and conditions contained in this announcement.
– he/she hereby authorizes the organizers, in accordance with Legislative Decree No. 196/2003, to insert his/her personal data and all given information concerning his/her activity and particularly concerning the artwork/project submitted for participating in the Vanna Migliorin COMEL Award for Contemporary Art 2017, in their database and he/she also authorizes the treatment of the above mentioned data and information.
I agree.