COMEL Award Contempory Art

The Award wants to draw attention to the expressive, aesthetic, communicative and constructive possibilities of aluminum, strengthen the relationship between business and contemporary art , create a vital and significant synergy between the public and artists, promote intercultural relations among European countries

1 Iazzetta

Rosaria Iazzetta – Winner edition 2017 (detail)

Why Aluminum?

Aluminium can be forged, modeled, laminated, like hot wax in the artist’s hands. It lends itself to take on the desired forms and volumes.It is lightweight (a third of steel), shiny, soft, durable, with good electrical and thermal conductivity, 100% recyclable with an energy cost equal to one twentieth of that necessary for its first melting. Visually intriguing, with its unique characteristics, aluminum is the true contemporary material

2 Delhove

Luce Delhove – Winner edition 2016 (detail)

Why 13 artists?

Because aluminum is the chemical element of the atomic number 13

3 Cavalli 3

Silva Cavalli Felci – Winner edition 2015 (detail)

Title of VII Edition

It aims at highlighting the typical qualities of the metal – particularly the high conductivity of energy, sound and heat – in order to create bonds among different materials, various expressions, and harmonized parts

4 Deodato 2

Pino Deodato – Winner edition 2014 (detail)


Released or unreleased artworks using the following techniques may be submitted: painting, sculpture, design, photography and installation

5 Charles 03

Tony Charles – Winner edition 2013 (detail)

Participation in the competition

Is free and open to all artists, 18 years of age and older, that operate in any of the European countries, and use aluminum as the main and significant medium for the realization of the work to be submitted

6 Drisaldi

Massimiliano Drisaldi – Winner edition 2012 (detail)


Ecco l’arte che sposa ecologia e imprenditoria.

Arte e tecnologia allo Spazio COMEL

Il Premio d’arte COMEL 2015 e la lezione di Italo Calvino: la leggerezza

Ogni anno, per il premio, vengono selezionati 13 artisti e non si tratta di un numero casuale.

Il “Premio COMEL per l’Arte Contemporanea” è un progetto dell’azienda CO.ME.L. di Latina che, oltre a commercializzare metalli, si propone come valida realtà sociale e culturale.