The Company


CO.ME.L, is an acronym for COmmercio MEtalli Latina (Metal Trading Latina), a leading company in trading and processing aluminium semi-finished metals, which operates in the field since 1968.

Over the last forty years the company has developed a strong expertise in the field of aluminium items, especially doors and windows, acquiring a leading position in Lazio region.

The company covers an area of 20000 sqm, with a 7000- sqm indoor exhibition space. CO.ME.L limited partnership has a competent and qualified personnel, beside having a specific equipment and a mechanized system for warehouse and sales control.

We are able to promptly satisfy all our customers’ needs thanks to a vast range of accessories and building finishes. Moreover, our best items are always available in store in more than 20 different shades of painting, including 4 of them having a particular wood effect.

Considering the technical development of aluminium, as well as, its application methods, the company has also realized a well-equipped department for processing aluminium sheets, which are available in various widths and lengths (up to 7 metres).

The company also boasts an Aluminium Foil Cutting, Folding, and Drilling Machine, as well as a department specially meant for manufacturing, within the company itself, automations for gates.

What is Aluminium


Aluminium is one-third the weight of steel.

It can be forged, shaped, laminated until obtaining a really thin foil.

Coming in a good-looking shape, aluminium does not require any particular final treatment and on its surface it is possible to apply a vast range of coatings, from paintings to coloured anodizations.

Aluminium is easy to recycle, with an energy cost equal to one-twentieth of that necessary in its first casting.

One-third of the aluminum, which is used nowadays, is made by recycling scrap metals. di Alfonso Mazzola & C.

CO.ME.L limited partnership by Mazzola Alfonso & C.
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